dulhan kesh kala hair dye manufacturer

dulhan kesh kala hair dye manufacturer

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OJYA henna hair color  has been used for colouring hair by beauty and quality conscious users from time immemorial. In recent years there has been a resurgence in natural and organically produced beauty aids that not only enhance the physical appearance but also take care of the intrinsic quality. OJYA henna hair colours offered by us, are superior in quality than other prevailing chemical hair colours as it gives natural look to the hair and makes them lustrous and healthy. Black henna hair dye  is made using herbal henna and other non hazardous pigments. Also, It does not contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals. It extends complete benefits and advantages of hair treatment properties of henna and hair treatment herbs.


We are exporting to UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia , etc.

These are supplied in powder form &  when applied on hair for the short period of just 30 minutes to achieve a desired color. We offer the range of different colours in affordable prices and exclusive packaging.



Widely sold OJYA Henna Hair Colours are available in The following colours;

Black henna hair color

Brown  henna hair color

Dark Brown Henna Hair Color

Burgundy henna hair color

PACKING : OJYA henna hair color is packed in 10 gms sachets. 6 such sachets in one small box. 100 such boxes in one Master Shipper/Carton. Total 50 dozens in oneMaster Shipper/Carton. 600 such Master Shippers in 20ft container